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Our Premier Partners

  • "In the first 11 months after implementing the TRAX Platform, OnX grew our support revenue gross margin by over 15% in the US and over 30% in Canada. The TRAX platform was critical to this success. TRAX really helped us gain new customers as well."

    Director Inside Sales
    OnX Enterprise Solutions, LLC
  • "The TRAX Platform has allowed us to scale our business by using technology that not only increases our efficiency, but is of great value to our customers. One of the best attributes of TRAX is the ability to house multi-vendor contracts and associated assets into a single repository, giving customers visibility to their entire data center environment without assistance from the manufacturers."

    Director Indirect Sales
    Logicalis, Inc.
  • "Our sales force, executive management and customers have benefited greatly from our implementation of TRAX. It has made a huge difference with how the maintenance team is viewed in the eyes of sales, management and our customers."

    VP Professional Services
    Mobius Partners
  • "We’ve been able to grow our complementary maintenance renewal business by over 100% the past 18 months by leveraging the TRAX Platform application. It has given us account control that we did not have in the past."

    Director Asset Services
    Mid-Western VAR
  • "TRAX provides a real value add for Edge, making it a differentiator when a customer is choosing a reseller partner. It makes contract and asset management simple while helping customers avoid lapses in coverage and providing valuable data for budgeting."

    Services Practice Director
    Edge Solutions

Our Services

  • Proactive Contract Management Solution - TRAX creates a highly proactive contract management solution via: auto notifications, reporting capabilities, accuracy of data, and accessibility to critical information which assures your support contracts are renewed accurately and efficiently.
  • Initial Audit Service - TRAX doesn’t just take existing data and upload it into our solution. We validate it with the respective OEMs first.
  • Web Access 24/7 - All of the critical information necessary to initiate a service engagement is conveniently stored in one database available 24/7 to the end user.
  • Single Repository for Tracking Hardware and Service Assets - The primary purpose of TRAX is to create a single repository to track the relationship of hardware with their associated services.
  • Financial Reporting and Management - TRAX has the ability to capture and maintain information to automate financial reporting.
  • Full Platform Support and Training - The TRAX Platform is fully supported by both our operations and marketing teams. On the operational side, we deliver unlimited training and solution demonstrations to both our business partners and their end users. Our marketing and sales teams work closely with our partners to help develop go market strategies and produce marketing and web content to fully leverage TRAX to maximize revenues and ROI.