The ServTrax Asset Management Solution

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Our Premier Partners

  • "In the first 11 months after implementing the TRAX Platform, OnX grew our support revenue gross margin by over 15% in the US and over 30% in Canada. The TRAX platform was critical to this success. TRAX really helped us gain new customers as well."

    Director Inside Sales
    OnX Enterprise Solutions, LLC
  • "The TRAX Platform has allowed us to scale our business by using technology that not only increases our efficiency, but is of great value to our customers. One of the best attributes of TRAX is the ability to house multi-vendor contracts and associated assets into a single repository, giving customers visibility to their entire data center environment without assistance from the manufacturers."

    Director Indirect Sales
    Logicalis, Inc.
  • "Our sales force, executive management and customers have benefited greatly from our implementation of TRAX. It has made a huge difference with how the maintenance team is viewed in the eyes of sales, management and our customers."

    VP Professional Services
    Mobius Partners
  • "We’ve been able to grow our complementary maintenance renewal business by over 100% the past 18 months by leveraging the TRAX Platform application. It has given us account control that we did not have in the past."

    Director Asset Services
    Mid-Western VAR
  • "TRAX provides a real value add for Edge, making it a differentiator when a customer is choosing a reseller partner. It makes contract and asset management simple while helping customers avoid lapses in coverage and providing valuable data for budgeting."

    Services Practice Director
    Edge Solutions

Our Solutions

Delivered as a cloud based managed service, the TRAX Platform is comprised of multiple application components, each designed to deliver comprehensive functionality and security for any size data center environment.


  • ServTrax
  • QuoTrax
  • MarkeTrax
  • ProTrax

The core application, which can be delivered as a privately branded solution, serves as a single repository for the centralization of all customer IT asset information and related contract information.

Functional Uses:
  • Track assets by serial number
  • Track associated components
  • Import and Export data
  • Record contracts by asset
  • Change management
  • Custom reporting

Both VARs and their customers recognize value from the core application. For VARs it reduces operational cost and streamlines processes, creates a unified platform for managing contracts, and enhances sales forecasting. In addition, VARs gain autonomy from OEMs’ and distributors’ strict control of contract-related data. Its greatest value is derived through your organization’s ability to deliver a higher level of customer service through true market differentiation.

Customers recognize value by having a centralized repository for data center assets, eliminating the necessity for multiple single-vendor tools. TRAX allows users to track and manage their maintenance contracts and service requests via a single pane of glass. They can also create custom data fields to track information unique to their specific data centers. Further reduction in costs is generated through improved asset management, regulatory compliance and enhanced budget controls.

QuoTrax significantly reduces costs, increases efficiencies, and provides a consistent renewal process across multiple manufacturers and distributors. From proposal creation to finalizing the order, QuoTrax automates the entire process. This allows business partners to redirect the time spent on administrative tasks to customer-facing service and sales.

Functional Uses:

  • Instantly create partner-branded proposals
  • Manage the delivery of proposals to customers through email or download notification
  • Manage version control
  • Standardization of quote formats
  • Track comments and status
  • Generate welcome letters for quotes

The automated system ensures greater accuracy by reducing human error often associated with duplication of data entry tasks. QuoTrax is the ideal platform for VAR partners to streamline quoting interaction with their customers by providing business intelligence on renewal status, contract details, and version control, while significantly reducing the administrative burden caused by traditional quote conversion and management processes.

Customers receive value by ensuring SLA alignment and accuracy as well as reduced reinstatement fees and penalties through consistent on-time renewals. Enabling contract consolidation significantly improves budgeting and reduces maintenance cost.

Using data harvested from ServTrax, MarkeTrax provides an intelligent view into the purchasing cycles and buying trends of your customers. Through the analysis of historical sales data by region, manufacturer, model, industry, equipment age, and contract status, VARs can not only identify immediate sales opportunities, but track customer buying trends.

Functional Uses:

  • Targeted marketing through customizable searches
  • Track customer buying trends
  • Identify competitive take-outs
  • Measure share-of-wallet and customer loyalty
  • Improve customer retention

No matter what your marketing strategy, MarkeTrax can help identify opportunities by producing targeted sales information for use by your sales and marketing department to generate new hardware, software, and support revenue opportunities. Your customers will save money by maximizing their ability to refresh aging equipment at the lowest cost available by combining OEM promotions with new technologies.

No project management process is complete without tracking forecasted versus actual expense and time management of each project. ProTrax makes it easy to input all of that information directly into client and project files. ProTrax has taken the best of a CRM system -- contact information and touch points -- and the best of a project management program -- everything from the quote creation to final bill generation -- and created one, streamlined solution.

Functional Uses:

  • Manage and archive proposal and related documents
  • Probability matrix to close business
  • Consolidated view and reporting of open service engagements
  • Forecast versus actual profitability
  • Expense and time management
  • Logistical cost management expenses (travel, incidentals)

The value to VARs is pretty simple – enhanced profitability of your professional services engagements.